Energy Bars Uniquely Crafted With Beans.


Nutritious bars to help power your every day.

We created Active Bean Bars, wholesome, energizing bars for people on the go.  We took some of our favorite healthy ingredients that we like to snack on such as chickpeas, fruits, almonds, and vegetables. Then with the help of both a dietitian and a food scientist we turned the ingredients into a well-balanced, perfectly chewy bar with just the right amount of fiber and protein. Each batch is carefully crafted by hand using the highest-quality ingredients. Finally, there's a bar that satisfies your cravings in a yummy and healthy way.

Natural Ingredient Snack Bars to fuel an active lifestyle

If you often run to the gym before or after work and don’t have time to eat, you can buy our Active lifestyle snacks. Active Bean bars are perfectly sized snacks with enough protein and fiber to energize your day. We offer the highest quality bars with no added sugar.

We use only all natural ingredients. We want to be transparent with all of our ingredients and purpose for using each one. Below are some of the specialized ingredients that we use for our All-natural ingredient snack bars:

Vegetable glycerin

It is a clear thick liquid obtained from coconut, palm oil, or soybean. The one we use in our best healthy snacks for an active lifestyle is derived from organic palm oil. We use it in our bars as a humectant and binder.

Pea fiber

We use pea fiber as a natural source of dietary fiber in our energy bars. The one we use comes from the endosperm of non-GMO yellow peas, enriching the bars with healthy fibers.

Gum acacia

It is a fiber-rich, hardened sap obtained from the acacia tree and used as a binder in various food products. It gives our Natural Ingredient Snack Bars their signature chewy texture.

Tapioca fiber

A natural soluble fiber obtained from the cassava root, tapioca fiber helps boost the dietary fiber in our best energy bars with No Added Sugar.

Fermented oregano and flaxseed

Both oregano and flaxseed are healthy ingredients and natural mold inhibitors.

Chicory root fiber

Extracted from chicory roots, Chicory root fiber further boosts the dietary fiber in our bars.

Jasmine tea extract

It is a natural tea-based antioxidant that further aids as natural mold inhibitors.

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