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  • Blackberry Kombucha Smoothie

    Blackberry Kombucha Smoothie

    After a workout I like to drink something that is not overly sweet and refreshing.  Sometimes I will make a smoothie or if I am short on time, I will grab a kombucha.  Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that is effervescent and lightly sweetened with health benefits such as probiotics and antioxidants.  Kombucha companies have come up so many different flavors, I like to experiment and make smoothies with them.  GT's line of kombucha has a spring edition with the flavors of elderflower, jasmine and violet.  I find floral flavors work really well with berries.  For this smoothie, I added my favorite Blueberry Spinach Active Bean bar, with some berries and celery juice along with the kombucha for a healthy breakfast drink.  If you like your smoothies to be thick, use frozen berries and if you are short on time or do not own a juicer, you can purchase celery juice from a health food store.
    Serves 2

    1/3 cup blueberries, fresh or frozen
    1/3 cup blackberries, fresh or frozen
    1/2 cup celery juice
    8oz GT's Kombucha Bloom Spring Edition 
    1 Active Bean Blueberry Spinach bar, broken into pieces.

    Place all the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.





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  • Best Healthy Snacks for an Active Lifestyle with Chickpea Protein!

    Best Healthy Snacks for an Active Lifestyle with Chickpea Protein!

    For many people, the focus on wellness is changing from occasionally going to the gym to eating well for adapting a permeant, healthy lifestyle. This effects them making conscious food purchases for healthy living. Many consumers want to eat clean so they search for foods that are gluten-free, diary-free, sugar-free and minimally processed. For people who are looking for naturally sweetened energy bars, we at Active Bean, use only natural ingredients in our bars such as:

    • Puffed Chickpeas
    • Almonds
    • Quinoa Crips
    • Hemp Seeds
    • Fruits and Vegetables

    With so many bars out in the market, it may be difficult for consumers to decide on the best healthy snacks for an active lifestyle. Not all energy bars out in the market are as healthy as they seem. Many are high in sugar content, filled with protein powders and loaded with calories.

    What do our Naturally sweetened energy bars offer?

    Our naturally sweetened energy bars are available in four distinct flavors. Apple Beet Ginger, Banana Coffee, Blueberry Spinach and Coconut Sea Salt. Our bars are:

    • Under 200 calories, what a true snack should be.
    • 6g of protein, enough to keep you full and energized
    • 5g-6g of fiber, enough to keep you satiated.
    • 5g-8g of sugar, all from fruit.

    Order Today!

    We offer the best healthy snacks for an active lifestyle with puffed chickpeas as part of the unique protein blend. Visit our website today to place your order

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