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Gluten-Free Plant-Based Energy

Are you looking for some tasty and healthy snacking options? If yes, try our Gluten-free, plant-based energy bars. Energy bars are the ideal quick snack that can also be nutritious if the right one is chosen. When picking energy bars, look for ones that are:

Low in sugar and/or energy bars with no added sugar.
Under 200 calories (to be considered as a snack)
Made with natural ingredients. There are plenty of options for Gluten-free plant-based
Energy bars.
Contains protein
Contains ber

    What is special in our Gluten-Free Energy Bars & Plant-Based Snacks?

    Our signature protein blend contains chickpeas and other superfood ingredients. Active Bean created wholesome and nutritious Gluten-free, plant-based energy bars for active people who are on the go. We took some of our favorite foods such as almonds, vegetables, fruits, and chickpeas. With the help of both a dietitian and a food scientist, we turned the ingredients into a well-balanced, tasty chewy bar with just the right amount of ber and protein.

    Whether you are exercising, commuting, studying or just enjoying a break, grab an Active Bean bar and fuel your inner being.