About Us

Our Story

We created Active Bean Bars, wholesome, energizing bars for people on the go. We took some of our favorite healthy ingredients that we like to snack on, such as chickpeas, fruits, almonds, and vegetables. Then, with the help of both a dietitian and a food scientist we turned the ingredients into a well-balanced, perfectly chewy bar with just the right amount of fiber and protein. Each batch is carefully crafted by hand using the highest-quality ingredients. Finally,  there's a bar that satisfies your cravings in a yummy and healthy way.

Who We Are

Angie is the owner and creator of Active Bean Bars. She is a professionally trained pastry chef, yogi, hiker, workout junkie and healthy eater with an active lifestyle. When she was unable to find an energy bar that didn’t taste like one of her sweet and indulgent pastry creations, she decided to make her own. Active Bean is what she created to fuel her inner being.


Francoise is the marketing and lifestyle specialist of Active Bean Bars.  Having over 25 years of marketing experience along with being an advanced yoga teacher and reiki master, she knows all that is needed to fuel a positive you comes from within.