General Questions

What Are Active Bean Bars?

Active Bean is not your usual snack bar! It is the most delicious energy bar uniquely crafted from a mixture of chickpeas, almonds, superfoods, dried fruit and vegetables to power you through your day. From your fitness regime to marathons or whatever curve ball comes your way, we’ve got you covered!

How Do The Bars Hold Up to Extreme Temperature?

The bars will be firmer with a chewier texture in cold weather and softer in hot climate. Both enjoyable.

Are There Added Sugars in Active Bean Bars?

No, there are no added sugars. The bars are naturally sweetened with dates, apricots and other fruits. We believe the natural sweetness from the ingredients should shine through.

Where Is Your Facility?

Our kitchen is located in the charming historic town of Clinton, NJ. We are not open to the public, but you can order from our website.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You sure can cancel your subscription. We ask for one week notice prior to your billing date. Please contact us at info@activebeanbars.com with subject line “Cancel Subscription”.


Nut Allergies?

All of our Active Bean Bars contain almonds but no other nuts.  However, our bars are made in a facility that also processes products with other tree nuts.

Are The Bars Organic?

We are committed in sourcing the best quality ingredients and sometimes they are not all organic.


All the ingredients used in our bars are non GMO.

Gluten Free?

Active Bean Bars are made only with naturally gluten free ingredients, but they are made in a facility that also processes products containing gluten. For those with severe sensitivity to gluten please use caution.


Yes.  Our bars are all plant based and does not contain any honey products.


Our bars contain ingredients which are not Keto or Paleo friendly.

Possible fragments of nut shells and date pits?

Even though we carefully inspect the pitted dates and shelled almonds that we source, sometimes a pit or a fragment of nut shell might sneak into one of our batches.

Why is there a difference In the color of the bars?

Active Bean Bars are crafted in small batches and take their color only from their good, natural ingredients.  So, the bars can have a slight variation in color that affects neither their nutritional value nor their great taste.